Sunday, November 14, 2010

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The site wasn’t quite as intuitive as some of the other card-making sites, but it was easy enough to figure out. The most time consuming process is selecting the photos to use and selecting the card design. Once I did that, I was able to make and order the card within a half hour. One of the photos disappeared as I went back and forth with edits, but it was quick enough to replace it.

Options are to receive the cards, have the envelopes printed with your return address (no additional charge), to have the envelopes fully pre-addressed, or to have them addressed and stamped. I chose to have them printed with my return address and sent to me, since I wanted to add a personalized message.

I chose this card because it fit well with the three photos I had chosen and I thought a flat card was a simpler option for a first-time card sender than a folded card. For a single card, the price was $2.39 plus $1 for shipping. For 10 cards, the price went down to $1.99 each and $2.50 for shipping (this is what I purchased). For 20 or more the price is $1.59, for 50 or more $1.39 and for 100 plus the cards cost $1.29 each.

I like that you can order just one card at a time. For individualized cards, $3.39 for the card, envelope and shipping doesn’t seem bad, especially compared with the price of cards in the store. But it’s a far better deal (the flat cards go down from $2.39 each to $1.29 each if you buy 100 or more) if you buy in bulk. Going up from 10 to 11 cards though raises the shipping from $2.50 to $5. For this reason, though I would have liked to have ordered 11 cards, I stuck with ten.

I placed my order on Sunday, November 14th, received the cards on Friday the 19th and had them in the mail by Saturday the 20th. The cards were packaged well in a thick, cardboard envelope. I loved the envelopes. They were nice, stationary-quality envelopes, pre-printed with our name and address in attractive lettering. As I started to hand-address the envelopes (there is an option to have addresses pre-printed on the envelopes) I realized that even saving the step of putting on a return address label is a help. Plus the block lettering looks nicer than my labels.

The flat cards were solid, made of thick, quality paper. Based on cards I've received from others, I think I expected this card to be more of a glossy, photo-type card. Instead, it's more like stationary, with a matte texture, and a slightly grainy quality to the photos, but a thicker, more solid feel to the card. Since it's made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, it was easy to sign the card and write a message on the back.

My toddler loved the cards and I was able to get him to sign all 10. My husband was also pleased with them.

I think it's a nice card for the first ever holiday greeting we have ever sent out - nice enough that I'm saving one of them for our family scrapbook. Whether or not I'd order more cards next year would depend on how comparable the price is with other options. I think this is a good option to consider if you like more of a stationary feel to your cards, if you want to be able to write on them, and if you like an attractive looking envelope and card set.

For 20% off purchase, use the coupon code CSHOLIDAY20. (*for first purchase only.)

Disclosure: provided me with a $25 credit to sample their cards. No additional compensation was received. These opinions are my own.

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